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We offer a unique hands-on approach and unmatched expertise that yield larger refunds and savings. These characteristics have combined to attract a growing list of distinguished clients.

Hands-on Approach 
Our approach to utility auditing is distinctive. We perform a thorough on-site survey of the premises when warranted, inspecting all metering equipment and examining the specific usage of each service. This information is used to help verify that your present setup corresponds with what you are being billed. Our on-site surveys result in greater refunds and billing reductions than our competitors, who usually never visit your property.

AMERICAN UTILITY CONSULTANTS is a leader in the field of utility bill auditing.  We have been successfully performing audits for large and prestigious properties since 1990, which has resulted in over $150 million in savings for its clients. 

Our analysts have been trained in AMERICAN'S unique methodology for finding billing errors and future savings opportunities.  We use sophisticated cutting-edge computer programs to discover billings errors that are difficult to detect and may have gone unnoticed for years.  We have unparalleled knowledge of the utility companies' tariffs, billing policies and procedures, which allows us to maximize your refunds and billing reductions.

Because of the complexity of utility bills, most utility customers cannot realize these savings without our assistance. Utility customers usually do not have the comprehensive knowledge of the rates and policies that affect their bills, and do not have the time or the expertise to analyze their bills each month.  Similarly, they cannot tell if their meters are malfunctioning.  Most also do not know that they may qualify for other rates and programs that can significantly lower the cost of their utility bills.  

At AMERICAN, we have the expertise and experience to get you substantial refunds and secure you the lowest rates available.  We are also highly motivated, because we do not get paid unless we are successful!


Utility Bill Auditing

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