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AMERICAN UTILITY CONSULTANTS obtains refunds and billing reductions on utility bills of large properties. 

AMERICAN consistently improves the bottom line of its clients by correcting billing errors and lowering utility costs.  We obtain significant refunds and future billing reductions for 70% of our clients. 

AMERICAN prides itself on building long-term relationships with its clientele, delivering impressive and valuable results, and constantly strives to maintain its status as a leader in the utility bill auditing industry.   Our advanced technology systems, proprietary software, and a team of well trained analysts are the driving forces behind our reputation as one of the leading experts in Utility Cost Recovery and Reduction.

We service our clients beyond the initial audit. Our analysts, periodically re-audit clients’ accounts to discover and have corrected any overcharges that may have occurred after the preliminary audit. Frequently the analysts perform site surveys that reveal the nature and cause of the overcharges, and that otherwise would have been overlooked.

Some of AMERICAN’S greatest success stories have come at the heels of our competitors who found little or no savings. In addition to obtaining refunds by having past overcharges corrected, we also identify favorable rates and discount programs, enabling clients to save on future utility bills. 

Our risk-free contingency based services have saved over $150 million for our clients since 1990. AMERICAN has a growing list of satisfied clients nationwide which include Fortune 500 companies, hotels, hospitals, universities, governments, school districts, manufacturers and other property types that have significant utility expenditures.

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We have saved over $150 million for our clients since 1990.

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