The Case Studies below illustrate how AMERICAN have been extremely successful at managing large scale audits and audits with multiple sites.

Large Scale Audits:

Client: Beth Israel Medical Center

Result: Within 6 months AMERICAN recovered $1 million in water. By the end of the first five years, $7 million was saved in water, electric and gas.

Details: AMERICAN audited BIMC’s utility bills shortly after a competitor had obtained only $30,000 in refunds.  American discovered a total of $7 million in overcharges and future savings opportunities that the prior utility bill auditing firm had overlooked. The results speak for themselves.

Large Scale Audits with Multiple Sites:

Client: United States Postal Service

Result: AMERICAN obtained approximately $3.5 million in refunds and billing reductions to date.

Details: Audited 256 facilities in four regions of the Northeast.

Client: General Services Administration and VA Medical Centers

Result: $2.0 million in refunds and savings to date.

Details: AMERICAN audited facilities in California, Hawaii, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Delaware

Client: Housing Authority

Result: $18.0 million in refunds and $4.5 million in annual savings.

Details: AMERICAN recovered approximately $18 million in refunds and $4.5 million in annual savings for this client, after auditing more than 2000 of its buildings.  

Case Studies
Beth Israel Medical Center 
$7 Million saved on water, electric and gas bills.
United States Postal Service 
$3.7 million in refunds and billing reductions to date
General Services Administration and VA Medical Centers. 
$2 million in refunds and savings to date
Housing Authority 
$18 million in refunds and $4.5 million in annual savings

AMERICAN Has Recovered And Saved Over $150 million 

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