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"American Utility Consultants has secured over   $1 million in refunds and ongoing billing reductions. They are knowledgeable, thorough and persistent, and we would enthusiastically recommend their services."

  - George Brendel, Financial Manager
    Weill Cornell Medical College
Our risk free contingency based audits have recovered and saved over $150 million for our clients since 1990.  We are the chosen auditing firm for some of the world's largest property management companies.  

We have...
  • A proven track record of outperforming competitors
  • Precedent setting cases
  • Recovered record-breaking refunds
  • Secured the lowest rates for our clients
  • Advanced proprietary software
  • Experienced analysts, trained in writing persuasive technical complaints
  • A reputation for thorough audits and periodic re-audits

70% Of Our Utility Bill Audits Result In Significant Savings

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